» SPG Artist 30 Challenge (Take 1):
I'm tempted to make another if everyone enjoys this one because I had several more
Day 1: Draw the Spine
Day 2: Draw one of the bots and one of the humans interacting
Day 3: Draw a scene of an average day in the Walter Manor
Day 4: Draw one of the bots in your favorite movie
Day 5: Draw your favorite headcanon explained
Day 6: Draw a 3 panel comic of anything from the SPG universe
Day 7: Draw Rabbit
Day 8: Draw Jenny the Toaster
Day 9: Draw yourself as a bot or your fanbot
Day 10: Draw "Honeybee"
Day 11: Quick doodle a picture in under 3 minutes!
Day 12: Draw one (or all) of the humans as bots
Day 13: Draw your best zombie bear
Day 14: Draw the Jon
Day 15: Draw what would happen if the bots (and/or humans) turned into household appliances such as in the Beauty and the Beast
Day 16: Draw one of the bots malfunctioning
Day 17: Draw one of the bots meeting someone famous
Day 18: Draw Sam
Day 19: Draw Rex Marksley or Captain Albert Alexander (or both)
Day 20: Draw the Walter Manor
Day 21: Draw Steve
Day 22: Draw some sort of scenery from Kazooland
Day 23: Draw the Clockwork Vaudeville
Day 24: Draw the bots/humans in a show or cartoon style (meaning like from Adventure time or Gravity Falls or PPG etc etc)
Day 25: Draw the bots as superheroes
Day 26: Draw the bots and humans as animals
Day 27: Draw the band in the strangest scene possible
Day 28: Draw Michael
Day 29: Draw Airheart
Day 30: Draw one of the songs not mentioned or another open scene